We've just launched a new trafficking assay for mutant PgP(G268V).  Check out the Application Note.  Available as a service, or as reagents, so Contact Us.  We're also hiring laboratory scientists, check out the Careers Section to join the team!

Off the Shelf
  • hERG Trafficking
    hERG Ion Channel Trafficking, another mechanism of hERG inhibition, and a standard test for chemical chaperones such as those used in CFTR research.
  • PgP(G268V) Trafficking
    Mutant PgP (G268V) trafficking assays available for studying CFTR corrector selectivity.
  • Cystic Fibrosis: CFTR Trafficking
    CFTR wild-type and deltaF508 mutant trafficking assays available.
  • Trafficking & Internalization Assays
    Studying GPCRs, Ion Channels or Transporters? Get a deeper understanding of trafficking as a new pharmacological mechanism for these key targets.
  • The Sharp Edge Dyes
    Sharp Edge provides high-quality dyes for it's partners. Learn more about the dyes and how to handle them here.
  • pH Sensors
    Useful for tracking surface-protein endocytosis, we're preparing a new class of targeted pH Sensors.
  • Tools for High Content
    Tagging vectors for compartment labeling. Improved data analysis with more selective labeling.
  • FAP Tagging Vectors
    General-purpose expression vectors for FAP tagging. Also for use in capture and enrichment.
On the Bench
  • Lysosomal Storage Disorders: Trafficking Assays
    Trafficking to the lysosome is a key defect in lysosomal storage disorders. Our trafficking assays provide a direct measure of restored trafficking, providing the opportunity to discover entirely new compound classes.
  • Immunosensors (SBIR)
    We're developing a new set of proprietary add-and-read biosensors under an SBIR Phase I grant from NCI.
  • FAP-Capture
    With your protein FAP-tagged, you can use these reagents for capture and quantification.
Sharp Edge Radar